Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer TV Trash

Its no secret that I love TV, especially guilty pleasure trash TV. What constitutes trash TV? TV that requires little to no real brain activity to focus on what is happening. TV you might be ashamed to admit you watch. So in other words, the best TV.

I am always sad when the regular TV season ends and I need to say goodbye to my favorites: Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Biggest Loser.

...but the thing I always seem to forget about is the AMAZING summertime trash TV. So you can bet as I am slaving away writing my literature review for my thesis and preparing for patients I will be soaking up all of the wonderful things that summer TV has to offer.

Here is my summer commitment line up:

Sister Wives: Follows Kody and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robin and their 17 children. It gives you an look into the life of a polygamist family. You don't have to agree with their lifestyle, but it gives you a perspective of what daily life is like for them...and believe me they have been through a lot.
TLC: 9pm and 9:30pm 

Bunheads: A new show about ballet. Created by the Amy Sherman-Palladino who created Gilmore Girls. Ballet + Gilmore Girls creator = nothing but pure magic and success. It has not premiered yet (June 11) but I just know it is going to be wonderful. What makes it even better? Emily Gilmore and Gypsy will be in the show!
ABC Family: 9pm

Extreme Couponing: Women (and sometimes men!) with way too much time on their hands. Their lives consist of dumpster diving for coupons, begging people for coupons, clipping coupons, creating outrageous lists, shopping for 8-10 hours and paying less than a dollar for $1500 worth of items.  They are completely insane but I cannot help but admire them in some way.
TLC: 10pm and 10:30pm

Pretty Little Liars: A show about extremely attractive twenty year olds pretending to be in high school. Four best friends are being stalked via text message by the allusive "A" who knows all their dirty little secrets and lies including things about the murder of their best friend Alison. They constantly end up in the wrong place at the wrong time as they try their best to figure out who is responsible for Alison's murder.
ABC Family: 8pm

Dance Moms: Cassie introduced this show to me during Maymester, and I must admit it is the best train wreak I have ever seen. Amy Lee is a oversized (both physically and in personality) dance teacher who is hungry for perfection and winning. You follow her dancers and their insane moms as they work on routines and compete in dance competitions throughout the country. If you thought even for one minute your mother was crazy, after watching this show you will see just how wrong you were
Lifetime: 9pm

What Not to Wear: You know them and love them as Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They hijack people with bad fashion, throw away all their clothes, give the money to buy new NYC...and gives them a fabulous makeover. This show has been on forever and I have started watching it again.
TLC: 9pm

The Glee Project: Just when I thought I would have to cry in a corner over the fact that Glee, the perfect dose of singing and dancing, would be gone for the summer, the Glee project returns to find the newest cast members on Glee! Each week they have homework assignments as well as a group performance to determine who is the best of the best. The thing I love is that they are all so unique and real. There is a blind contestant as well as a contestant who is really in a wheelchair (unlike Artie).
Oxygen: 10pm

Big Brooklyn Style: Executive produced by Stacy London, it follows a owner of a plus size clothing store in Brooklyn. Great energy and great fun with women who finally get to enjoy fashion without feeling ashamed :)
TLC: 10pm and 10:30pm 
So You Think You Can Dance: I have been a fan of this show since its first season. Raw talented dancers competing to become America's Favorite Dancer. These are the most talented dancers in America dancing choreography from the best choreographers in America....what more could you want?
Fox: 8pm

Duets: Four major singers have picked two people to be their duet partners. It is a singing competition but with duets :)
I love Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles, therefore I must watch this show!
ABC: 8pm

SYTYCD Results Show: Well...I need to know who makes it!
Fox: 9pm 

Say Yes to the Dress: Whether it is the original, Atlanta, Big Bliss or Bridesmaids, you know I will be watching it in all of its glory. You get to watch extremely beautiful women with way to much money spend it on white gowns that they wear for one day. (I only say it that way because I am extremely jealous!) It gives me my weekly wedding obsession fix
TLC: 9pm and 9:30pm

Randy to the Rescue: New show that features Randy from Say Yes to the Dress traveling around the county helping helpless brides find their wedding day look! I cannot wait! Randy pick me!
TLC: 10pm

Now you are thinking to yourself, there are too many shows on at the same time! That is where my wonderful boyfriend comes in. He makes sure I have access to all of these shows so that I can enjoy them all :)

What will you be watching this summer? Any shows I need to add to my list?

Well, just make sure there's something she likes on TV when she gets home

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