Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness Day 26: Marriage Equality

Today I ask you to think about your life and all of the fortunate and wonderful things you have in your life.
Think about your freedoms, your rights, and your ability to love and think freely.

I ask you to think about the importance of marriage equality. Just like we should not judge a person by their gender or the color of their skin we should not judge based on sexual orientation. Today I am spreading awareness for marriage equality. I ask that you take the time and think about marriage equality and if you share my thoughts , I encourage you to make a stand for an important cause.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Madness Day 24: Fact of the Day

So, I love watching YouTube videos and I am subscribed to a fair number of beauty bloggers and musicians. A group of my favorite YouTubers created a channel in which they tell you a new fact of the day.

Each day is themed and the same YouTuber presents their fact on their respective days

TV and Film Sunday: Alex Carpenter or Music Sunday: Luke Conard
Makeup Monday: Tanya Burr
History Tuesday: Jim Chapman
Animal  Wednesday: Landon  Austin
Video Game Thursday: Joey Graceffa
Food Friday: Fleur
Style Saturday: Ingrid or Sports Saturday: Peter Hollens

They are putting up new facts every day for a year. Take a look and learn something :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness Day 23: Happy Birthday Darcy!

After an amazing concert last night, I was not very happy to work on my data analysis...at school....on the weekend. Those things should never be in a sentence together.

Needless to say, Cassie and I both needed coffee, large coffee.

Side note: I have been getting a nonfat iced hazelnut macchiato recently and it is the best thing ever. I highly suggest it. 
not what I like to see on a Saturday
 After hours of crunching numbers and running more statistical tests than should be allowed, Cassie, John and I headed to Quaker Steak and Lube for Darcy's 24th birthday celebration!

We had such an amazing time, I miss that we are not able to get together as often as we would like.
Happy Birthday Darcy!

....and back to thesis once again in the morning.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness Day 21: Testing Testing 1,2,3

Very rarely are we fortunate enough to have a test moved, but today was that day. We were originally scheduled to have an exam today, but were given the option to move it to next week if we needed...so I took the opportunity. With all of the things we need to get done for thesis (we have a format check due tomorrow!) I figured it was the best plan. I am sure I will regret it later on but not today.

Otherwise my night consists of trying to get my thesis format correct. I am beginning to think that the format is actually harder than the than writing the thesis itself!

We are coming in on the home stretch  and I don't even want to begin to think about what all I have on my plate. One thing I do know for sure though, tomorrow I am going to be seeing Taylor Swift in concert and it is going to be amazing! I cannot wait :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness Day 20: Art

One thing about having a new house with a lot of blank walls is that you need to get a lot of art.
In case you didn't know, art is really expensive.

I follow Design Darling and she recently moved to New York City and is decorating her apartment with all new art. She posted the pictures of the art that she is getting to create a gallery wall and I was instantly drawn to this beautiful painting of a girl with braided hair. I closed my eyes as I clicked on the link, for fear of how expensive it was going to be and to my pleasant surprise the print was only $20!

As I clicked through the shop, I feel in love with these top knot pictures, so I ordered two of them. I wanted to add something to them, so after clicking around some more of the shops that Mackenzie ordered prints from, I found this beautiful bobby pin print that I think will go with the top knot pictures beautifully.

Elizabeth Mayville Print
Bobbies Print by Society 6

Elizabeth Mayville Print

Virserum Frame
Thinking about putting them in Virserum frames by Ikea in my bathroom or over by my future vanity area in the bedroom. I am so excited to have them in my home :)