Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Madness Day 6: Birthday Girls

Today is a special day, it is the birthday of two wonderful ladies.

I have known Caitlin for 20 years! We met in first grade and were in school together through high school. We even went to the same college freshman year, but in order to peruse the degree she wanted she move colleges and she had done a great job of keeping in touch with me after all of these years. She is a wonderful person and she is turning twenty six today :)

Flashback! Here we are at sixteen!

High School Graduation

Randi and I met during my first round of grad school. She and I have quickly become great friends and I have loved having her as a part of my life. She just recently started a new job (that she is loving!) and she and I are finally getting our lives started after what seems like a million years of school!

At my Master's graduation :)

Happy Birthday Caitlin and Randi! I hope you have a wonderful year to come :)

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