Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday

As a part of my New Year's Resolution I have been working hard to work out three days a week.
Naturally if you are working out away on the elliptical you need awesome music right?

I find my favorite music to workout to is angry girl music. Not screaming angry but just icantbelieveyoucheatedonmeandnowyouaregoingtopayforit angry.

Luckily some of my favorite singers have made classic I can't believe you cheated on me music and I thought it would be the perfect theme for this Music Monday.


...they took turns laying a rose down

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Birchbox!

Hello, long time no blog!

January has consisted of thesis background writing and crafting and of course lots and lots and lots of shopping. What can I say....stress makes me spend money!

Of course I also received my January is what's inside!

Here it is!
Skinny Chic Fragrance: It smells OK, it has a lot of citrus tones that I usually love, but there is something that I cannot place that is not my favorite.

Fresh: Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: I am still working through "Gorgeous"face cream by Lush so I have not had tried it yet, but a full size costs $42 I am hoping it is nice

alessandro Nail Polish in Blue Lagoon: I am always happy when I get nail polish, and its a beautiful blue!

 the Balm: Put a Lid On It:  This is my favorite product I have ever gotten in a Birchbox! I love the Balm and even more I LOVE this eyeshadow primer. It is amazing and it keeps my shadows on all day! Super huge fan!

Ojon: Damage Reverse Instant restorative Hair Serum:  At first I thought this was perfume and I was going to be pissed. I have never used oil on my hair, so I was a bit nervous to try it. I concentrated it on my ends and it really cut down my frizz which I love. My ends are pretty fried from all of the flat ironing that I do so I am not sure if this oil will be able to save it but I am enjoying it thus far. 

Overall I am pleased with this box. I am enjoying little beauty gifts every is something to look forward too. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Me!

hello everyone and welcome to 2013!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to your new year and welcome to my last semester of genetic counseling graduate school!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with this blog once I graduate and I think that I may start a new blog chronicling my life as a young professional. I am hoping with my graduation will come job offers (hopefully before graduation), an engagement (::fingers crossed::) and an overall new start in my life.  With all of those changes I think it seems fit to close this chapter and blog and begin with a new one....but we are getting ahead of ourselves! We still have 4 months of blogging and stress ahead before my new life of not being a student (which I have been for twenty years now) begins.

I am now back in Columbia with my tail between my knees and started my first week of rotation last week. Once again, being home for such a long time and having to return here is always hard, but the next time I will be going home for an extended time it will be for good....and I could not be more excited.

What lies in front of me is hours of work related to thesis, exams, rotations, and finishing up my education before being thrown out into the real world, where I can be a genetic counselor full time. The idea terrifies me and excites me all at the same time, I am so ready to work in the profession that I love but I am also worried about leaving the comforting life of being a student. Now that I am twenty six I guess it is time to get a move here I go.

One thing I love about the start of the semester is the influx of loan money! Since my apartment is SO much cheaper than it was last year, that means I have a little extra to spend. Now don't worry, I didn't go overboard but with a new semester comes new things including a thing or twenty.

Now I have to blame Cassie a little bit for this (just kidding)....but we are very bad influences on each other. Plus, she went back to Atlanta this weekend which means I had to spend more money since I had no one to hang out with ( I am really terrible at being alone!).

There is something to be said for retail therapy so I thought I would show you what I bought!

 So of course I bought some new beauty things. All of my youtube beauty bloggers have been talking about there 2012 favorites and I have also been seeing some new things popping up on Pintrest that I wanted to try.

The first thing is the Herbal Essences Shampoo in Long Term Relationship. I bought a small size of this conditioner while I was on my last rotation and it smells incredible. Plus it made my hair feel wonderful! I have been using Aussie products for about three years now because I like the price and the fact that I can buy large sizes of the shampoo and conditioner with pumps. But after many years of use, I thought I would give this a try. It is made for long hair to help keep it healthy. I used it today and I am loving it already!

Next I bought a detangler comb by Conair in a beautiful coral color. My baby sister got one of these in her stocking and I was super jealous. I keep this is the shower and use it to comb through my hair after I have added conditioner.

Along the same lines, I bought the Goody Quik Style hairbrush. I have heard good things about it and thought I would give it a shot. In addition to the bristles it has microfiber cloth pieces in it which help absorb some of the water in your hair after the shower allowing for your hair to dry faster. I tried it today and I did not notice too much of a difference but I am going to keep trying it.

I also bought a Revlon eyelash curler. All my beauty youtubers swear by curling there lashes. I have never done this and it kind of looks like a torture device, but it is worth a try!

I also bought another Stay Matte powder by Rimmel. This is by far the BEST powder I have ever used. I love love love it! My color is 003 Natural.

I then bought a new Infallible Eyeshadow from Loreal in Amber Rush. I have heard raves about this line of shadows and this color in particular. It is rose gold which is my newest obsession! Cannot wait to try it. 

I also bought the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation in 200 Sand Beige. I have also heard great things about this from my beauty youtubers and they all claim that it is nice and light which is perfect. I have worn it once and it evens out my skin nicely. I am still getting used to wearing it ( I never wear foundation) but I like it so far.

While I was at Target I explored their seasonal section which has turned into a mini Sam's Club and bought these cotton pads and shaving cream kit for $5 each which is a ridiculous deal!

I also bought some new clothes at Target including a jade green dress, a floral cardigan, a flowing black skirt and a fuchsia tank top! I am so excited to wear them all!

As a part of my new years resolution, I am going to try and work out at least three days a week which requires more sports bras. How cute are these?! I got the yellow one on sale for $5!

I also bought some prenatal vitamins. DON'T FREAK OUT! I am not pregnant nor am I trying to become pregnant but as a genetic counselor we always talk about the importance of being on a prenatal vitamin for the health of the mother and future children, plus it is excellent for hair and nail growth! It is just something else to help create a newer healthier me.

That is everything. I hope you are having a wonderful night and I will talk with you all again soon!

T-minus one week until Erin is here :)

its shopping week!
isn't  it always?