Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness Day 20: Art

One thing about having a new house with a lot of blank walls is that you need to get a lot of art.
In case you didn't know, art is really expensive.

I follow Design Darling and she recently moved to New York City and is decorating her apartment with all new art. She posted the pictures of the art that she is getting to create a gallery wall and I was instantly drawn to this beautiful painting of a girl with braided hair. I closed my eyes as I clicked on the link, for fear of how expensive it was going to be and to my pleasant surprise the print was only $20!

As I clicked through the shop, I feel in love with these top knot pictures, so I ordered two of them. I wanted to add something to them, so after clicking around some more of the shops that Mackenzie ordered prints from, I found this beautiful bobby pin print that I think will go with the top knot pictures beautifully.

Elizabeth Mayville Print
Bobbies Print by Society 6

Elizabeth Mayville Print

Virserum Frame
Thinking about putting them in Virserum frames by Ikea in my bathroom or over by my future vanity area in the bedroom. I am so excited to have them in my home :)

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