Thursday, February 28, 2013

Haaaaaave You Met Ted?....and Marshall

Say hello to the newest additions to our family : Ted and Marshall :)

Meet Ted

Meet Marshall
Jared and I have quickly gone from owning a normal number of pets to now owning a small zoo, but we couldn't be happier with the newest additions to our family. 

When Jared got a roommate last fall, he also had a cat. I was concerned about Rory being traumatized, especially since she was just getting used to having Penny around the house. In order to make me feel better about the situation, Jared said that he was thinking we could get another cat when I moved back home from school. New cat? YES PLEASE!

Fast forward a few months and Jared receives an email at work from a guy who needs to get rid of his two cats. He and his wife were no longer able to take care of them due to allergies and moving into a new place that would not allow them. While Jared and I were skyping, he asked if we could adopt two new cats....and my first reaction is OF COURSE!

Now I don't know what it is, but owning three animals seems acceptable but when I think about owning fours animals, it all of a sudden sounds crazy. Like somehow the addition of that one animal makes us seem like crazies....and maybe it does, but I am so excited to have them. 

Names? I am sure you have guessed it by now. Rory is named after Gilmore Girls, Penny is names after Big Bang Theory and Ted and Marshall are from How I Met Your Mother. We thought it would be fitting to continue the theme... and the names seem to really fit them. 

Ted is the black cat. He is entirely black except for a few white hairs on his chest. He is a bit shy at first and likes to be under the bed, but once he warms up to you, he is overly affectionate and a great snuggle buddy (sounds like Ted Mosby right?)

Marshall is the striped one and he is HUGE and I mean huge. He is at least 16 pounds and just fact we have started to call Rory 'tiny kitten' because she really is so small in comparison. He is super affectionate! 

To quote his previous owner: 
"He is abnormally friendly, like if a stranger kicks down your door screaming with a chainsaw revving, he will come rub against him, purring.  It's very strange.  He even purrs when getting his shots at the vet. (we have joked that his purr'er is broken)"

Needless to say he is totally a Marshall :)

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving animals and even though we may be crazy, I am happy to have them around. We are still very much in the beginning stages of introducing them to Rory and Penny but I have no doubt that they will soon be integrated completely into the family.

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