Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Me Crazy

Once again, this blogging thing is slipping out of my hands, but I currently should be writing a paper, so that means blogging has taken priority once again as my perfect distraction.
So much has happened in the last two weeks, I will try my best to catch you up and perhaps do some posts in more detail later.

The Wednesday before fall break, I had the girls in the program over for a girls night to watch silly movies and relax (we had a test that morning). It was the first time some of them saw my new apartment and it was nice to be all together and NOT talk about school.

Since I was having people over of course that meant something embarrassing had to happen....enter in the ants, yes ants. Ants and I have been acquainted before, in Tucker where they came in through a crack under my window. Fortunately I have learned how to do deal with them and I am here to tell you the secret...hot glue.

ewwww ants

secret weapon

Cassie tackling the ants

It worked in Tucker and my new place like a charm. Use hot glue to seal up the area they are coming in and you will be ant free :) Cheap, easy and clear so it blends in nicely...and chances are if you are a girl, you have one of these hanging around.

On October 15th,  Jared and I celebrated our four year anniversary, and by celebrated I mean Jared was on a motorcycle trip with friends and I was in Columbia....needless to say it was still a nice day. Darcy, John, Cassie and I went out for drinks at Wet Willie's where Niall works. It was nice to not be alone on such a special day.  But, Jared and I were reunited the following weekend and went to the NC State Fair, and of course out to dinner for our four year anniversary. Here is to many more years of happiness!

4 years :)

NC State Fair (look at what I have to deal with)

Procrastination accomplished, I think I will head to bed and try to be productive in the morning.  November is going to be a crazy month for me, I will try my best to update you along the way.

Well you can celebrate next year on the anniversary.

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