Monday, December 12, 2011

Malachi Liam

It is finally my turn to talk about this beautiful baby boy :)

Meet Malachi Liam:

so sweet

sweet boy

sleeping in his man dress

I got to hold him all night :)

Jared and I went over to Will and April's house on Saturday to meet Malachi for the first time. Barely three weeks old, he was the most well behaved baby boy I have ever seen. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner, but most of all each other's company. I learned so many wonderful things about Malachi, but here are some things you should know...

Top Five Things you should know about Malachi:

  1. He fights bad guys in his sleep
  2. Hardly ever cries, except when he gets his diaper changed
  3. Makes the most wonderful facial expressions
  4. He has daddy's nose and mommy's ears 
  5. He is the best snuggler I have ever met

I am so happy for Will and April and their newest addition to the family. I have had the opportunity to watch Will and April fall in love, get married, and become a beautiful family.

Welcome to the world Malachi, we are all so happy you are here :)

Well, tell them it's a baby. People love babies. They'll talk to it in funny voices.

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