Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ten Things about December

I go back and forth on loving and hating December. I mostly love it...but I think sometime I expect too much from December. 

Nevertheless, every year when I change the calender from November to December, I fall in love with it all over again. There are so many reasons to love the month of December. 
Here are my top five:

  1. The smell of cold when I walk outside in the morning. There is by far no better smell than the smell of cold. It is always intoxicating.
  2. Christmas decorations. I love that no matter where I go I am welcomed by Christmas decorations. Sparkling trees, smiling Santas, and of course gingerbreads! 
  3. The end of the semester. I would be lying if I said that I hated school, I obviously love it, but come December my motivation nose dives. The hope of being able to come home at the end of the day and not have to do school work is what gives me that last bit of drive. 
  4. My birthday. Truth be told, I have not had the best track record for amazing birthdays. My parents always had to work when I was a kid and since then it has not been that spectacular either. Don't get me wrong, there have been great ones, but I always look forward to it mostly because it is such a humbling experience. It was the day that the world went from being without you to being with you. That has to mean something....right?
  5. December is so unique.  Admit it, it is one of the most talked about months, and I am not just talking about Christmas. People always say " I cannot believe it is already December!" No one ever says that about January. It is a month of reflection in which everyone looks back at the last year and remembers everything that happened. What could be better? People even write songs about it. What other month ha so many songs about it. 
Back to December- Taylor Swift

Remember December - Demi Lovato

December- Norah Jones

My December - Linkin Park

Not convinced?
Here are five things you probably did not know about December:
  1. December was the tenth month of the Roman calender. It comes form the Latin word "decem" meaning ten. December starts on the same day as September every year and ends on the same day as April every year.  
  2. December 28th is considered the unluckiest day of the year. It is also known as Childermas Day. It is the day that King Herold ordered all males under the age of 2 be killed in order to kill Jesus. 
  3. The first human heart transplant was done on December 3, 1967 in South Africa
  4. There is a legend that all animals can speak the human language on Christmas Eve
  5. The Wright brothers were the first in flight on December 17, 1903

....and I go back to December all the time


  1. I can listen to Christmas music without getting strange looks! (not that I don't just deal with the looks when listening to Christmas music at other times of the year..)

  2. Instead of starting the final exam, I am reading your blog. Thanks, Giinger.

    Digging the idea of animals talking on Christmas Eve!