Friday, July 20, 2012

#30: Throw a Surprise Party

 I created my Thirty Before Thirty list 7 months ago and I have now finally achieved my first goal.

As I mentioned before, Erin and Mark are moving to Atlanta and I wanted to make sure they had the proper send off. Last week, I came to the realization that we needed to have this party over the weekend, essentially giving me 5 days to send out invites and get everything organized for the party.

As you can imagine I was making multiple phone calls and writing many emails to get all of Erin and Mark’s family and friends to join us for the party. Luckily everyone responded and I was able to get everyone over to my house and ready for the surprise without a problem.

Jared and I told Mark and Erin to come over to our house to go swimming and have lunch on Sunday at 1 o’clock. We had all of the guests ready and waiting by 12:45pm. In true Erin fashion, she and Mark arrived early but luckily everyone was there. After a knock at the door and a gathering in the entrance, we opened the door and shouted “surprise”!

Erin and Mark were SO surprised, I mean really surprised….and dressed in pool clothes J

The theme of the party was luau. Aloha means both hello and goodbye in Hawaiian, which I thought was appropriate for this occasion

Good food, good times, and laughter….that is what made this party such a huge success.  Although decorations were limited and it was thrown together in such a short amount of time, I think that I could not have envisioned anything better.

1 down 29 to go

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