Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Birchbox

As promised, here is my newest birchbox!

This birchbox had the theme of 'Give' which included a little purple box that you could use to give some of your favorite products to your friends...and since we are all friends of birchbox, they gave us some gifts inside of it!

Box Contents!

Surprise gifts inside the "give" box

Here is the skinny:

1. Model Co. Lipgloss in Striptease
This is a very sparkly gloss that came in full size with a mirror on the side. The color is a light pink but when I put it on my lips it did not add very much color, just made it sparkle and shine.
The gloss is not too sticky which is nice, but the staying power is not the best.

Sparkle Sparkle!
2. Oscasr Blandi Texture and Volume Spray
This product comes out like a dry shampoo or hairspray and adds volume to second day hair. I have a lot of volume to begin with, but I do flat iron my hair, so for day two hair it does add some life back into my hair. I still need to use a dry shampoo to cut out the grease but it makes styling my hair much easier and adds back some of my natural volume. 

3. per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel
This came inside the "give" box and inside this miniature tube is a mascara wand with colored gel to help fill in and tame your eyebrows. I comes in four shades: nude, champagne, caramel and espresso. I was given the caramel color. I don't normally use any products on my brows but I figured I would give it a try. I feel like the color is a little too dark for me, the champagne might be a better fit given my blonde hair. Since I don't fill in my eyebrows normally, it was a bit of an adjustment for me, but I did not think it looked bad, just different. My one complaint is that it has simmer in it, so my eyebrows essentially glisten with tiny flecks of glitter. I am not sure if I really want people paying that much attention to my eyebrows. 

4. Miss Me Perfume
Once again there is another perfume sample (groan). This one was not a favorite for me. It smells like baby powder...and considering that it is expensive, I would like it to not smell like something that costs 99 cents. 

5. ChocoPod: Firecracker
Bonus in this box was chocolate! This is seriously the most delicious and fun piece of chocolate to eat. I am seriously considering buying the set. The flavor that I received was firecracker; Sultry sea salt, smokey chipotle and popping candy exploding in dark chocolate. It could taste everything that was described and the popping candy adds another element to it. Love love loved it. 

That is what I received in my box this month....what about you?

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