Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day

Awesome thing about not having class on Tuesday, means that I have a four day weekend. Bad thing about having a four day weekend, it makes it really hard to do any work. Procrastination: my new middle name.

As part of my procrastination, I thought I would update about this past weekend with Jared :) I was so happy to see him, it has been about a month. He arrived on Friday night and it was just so nice having him here. After living together for a year, I just miss having him around, it was almost as if nothing had changed, we fell back into our normal routine. I miss that.  And of course Rory missed Jared too.

Snuggle Kitty

Saturday = college football, but the NCSU game and the USC game were on at 6pm so we went out to Village at Sandhill to walk around and shop. We started with lunch at Moes where they have this crazy awesome new drink machine. My classmate Cassie already told me about it but it is even better in person. It is a single dispenser drink machine that has a touch screen. You choose your base soda : Diet Coke and then it brings up all the different varieties: Lime, Raspberry, Cherry, Caffeine Free, etc. You then press dispense and your awesome drink is available. There was even a girl there to show you how to use it.
Read about it here

After lunch, we walked around including Rooms to Go (can I just tell you how much I want a house that I can decorate), World Market etc. After being there for a few hours we came back to the apartment and ordered wings and watched football. Lucky for us, the Wolfpack and the Gamecocks won :)

Yesterday was just a lazy day around the house, but we did go to Olive Garden for dinner thanks to a gift card from Randi and a coupon (I know, but remember ---> poor graduate student). All in all the weekend was wonderful, but reality hit and he had to leave this morning.

So here I am on Labor Day trying really hard to not be productive but I guess its inevitable. So back to reality, if you need me I will be curled up with my Medical Genetics textbook.

Ready to begin the journey? It's going to be one hell of a ride. Okay, let's go. Open up your workbook to page one.

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