Monday, September 12, 2011

A Lucky Seven Birthday

So its official, one of us is a year older and of course we needed to celebrate in Lucky Seven fashion.  The most epic part of all of this was that it was a surprise party....that was rescheduled three times, or more, I lost count.

Cassie turned the big 2-3, which makes me feel older by the minute.  In our not so subtle fashion we asked her questions about her favorite foods, Bath and Body Works scents and slipped money to Darcy during class for cake/flowers/card.  Luckily however, Cassie was completely surprised!!

Thanks to the suggestion of Stephen, we went to a local Italian restaurant called Pasta Fresca which was super delicious. We all met at the restaurant around 6:30pm (minus Cassie and Jade, plus wives and husbands) and sat around anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Ever notice how much longer it takes when you are waiting for something exciting, but when you have something that you are dreading (test/presentation) the weeks quickly approach making it impossible for you to be well prepared. Just me? Moving on....

Around 7pm, we got the text that "the eagle has landed". Jade and Kim schemed up a plan to get Cassie to the restaurant and thanks to their clever idea to "eat at a local restaurant to become a true Columbia-n", Jade brought Cassie to the restaurant and we all yelled "SURPRISE!" After the shocked look and a smile, Cassie sat at the head of the table and opened her present and card. After several failed attempts at ordering, we finally ordered and discussed non genetic counseling things....for most of the dinner anyway.

When dinner was complete, there was cake, chocolate and yummy!

Cassie with her cake :)
Stephen and his wife (how cute are they? they should get married)
Kim and John :)
Darcy and the Hubs
Cassie, Ginger, Jade: Now known collectively as CGJ...I will work on it

Lucky 7 plus 2 = Family :)

After the celebration, John invited us over to his house for beer are board games (a fantastic combination in my book). Stephen and his wife, Kim, Cassie and I headed over and played Apples to Apples. Stephen kicked our ass but it was awesome as always.

Then John, Kim, Cassie and I played a game called Tichu (click on the link to read all about it). It is a partner game and unfortunately there was only one John, but Kim and I held our own. After much confusion and many hypothetical situations we had a semi-successful go at it. Moral of the story: those dogs constantly haunted me.

Overall, a wonderful time had by all. Now to make some dinner and get back to the grind

Why am I being mocked on my birthday?

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