Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Ms. Adams?
Hello my name is Ginger and I am going to be your genetic counselor today.
Today was a big day for me and my classmates. Today we had to perform our first counseling session by ourselves...(thankfully using actors!)

We will be doing three of these role plays throughout the semester, one for each main discipline of genetic counseling, and today was prenatal. We were given our patient's chart on Thursday in order to prepare for what we were going to say and do.

Talk about nerve racking! I must have practiced how I was going to say everything at least 50 times.

Finally, today arrived. My appointment was at 8:30am and as you can imagine, I did not get much sleep. After talking with my director before I began, I went down to retrieve the patient. My heart was pounding the whole time.
Is this really happening? Can I do this? I hope I can be a good genetic counselor!
I called my patient's name in the waiting room and everything else is kind of a blur. A mix of adrenaline, nerves and confidence took over me and I presented all the information that I needed to my patient.

When it was all over, the actor and my director spoke with me about things I did well and things that I need to improve on.  I was praised for my tone and ability to communicate difficult information in a simple way. ::what a relief::

Overall, although terrifying it was a great learning experience. It brings me one step closer to being a genetic counselor and having a C.G.C. after my name!


  1. Yay! congratulations, I know that these role playing scenarios can be very very nerve-wracking so I'm glad it went well :) I can definitely see the bonus of actually videotaping things like this as I tend to do the same thing with the adrenaline/confidence blur and hardly remember how I handled the situation..I have the utmost confidence that if I ever need a genetic counselor I can come to you and you will say 'what are you thinking, your 'afraid of children' gene is far to dominant, no reproduction for you'.

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