Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Erin came to visit! Yayyy :)
Friday night was spent with cosmopolitans, magazines, and HGTV.

Saturday morning we went to the Bodies exhibit.


It was extremely interesting to see everything.... and I mean everything! From fat tissue to just the blood vessels around the heart. The best part was that they had the bodies in action positions so that you could see how the body reacted to the motion. My favorite bodies were the acrobats in which there was a man lifting a woman over his head.

After a delicious lunch of summer vegetable tacos and watching more HGTV (we might be slightly addicted to house hunting), we went out to Village of Sandhill to go to Ulta. Of course if you bought $17.50 dollars worth of Ulta makeup you got a free bag of makeup worth over $ naturally we both bought $17.50  in Ulta makeup to get the bag of goodies.

Here is the haul:

2 Eye Shadow Quads 
(Silk, Honey Bee, Sapphire, Green Machine)
 (Bone, Mystique, Espresso, Gold Dust)
1 Blush (Flush)
1 Voluptuous Volume Mascara (Jet Black)
1 Double Sided Lip Gloss (Plush and Illusion)
1 Lipstick (221)
2 Dual Ended Eye Liners
(Deep Brown, Chocolate & Bronze, Black)
1 Nail Polish (The Jungle Look)
3 Makeup Brushes 
(Blush, Eye shadow brush and Eye shadow applicator)

Dinner at Red Bowl with delicious martinis

We came back to test out our new makeup of course. Erin bought black liquid liner...check out her cat eye

I bought new nail polish and gold eyeliner. The new shade is called Ginger Peach....I couldn't resist!

My attempt to be like the girls on Pintrest...

Best Friends!

Sunday pretty much consisted of  magazine reading and talking...I miss having her here to just talk and hang out :(

All good things must come to an end, and I had to let her go back to Raleigh. I cannot wait until we are in the same city again.

Because I did not have school on President's Day, after Erin left on Sunday, I headed home to spend time with baby sister and the family.
My mom got the day off by surprise so the whole family went to Ikea!
We wanted to buy an entertainment unit for my old bedroom.  They are discontinuing it, but there were four left and we snatched one up!


Downfall: It took FIVE HOURS to put together. My mother and I almost gave up 823948 times. I am still sore from putting this thing together.

....but my mom did buy me new pillows, they are super soft.

Perfect weekend with friends and family....only 1 week until Jared closes on our house and a week and a half before spring break!

It was a big formal gathering. All our friends were there. 

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  1. I got the SAME bag at Ulta!! What a great deal :) Yeah for $88 worth of free stuff to only spend 17.50. Hope you're doing well. Shoot me an e-mail to catch up b/c I gave up FB for lent.!