Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It is official, Jared (and I) are homeowners!

I say that loosely, it is really Jared that is the homeowner since he is the one with the actual job....and income.

However, it is our first real home together and I am bursting with excitement about all the wonderful possibilities it is going to bring us!

The process would have not been possible without the wonderful people at Go Realty....more specifically Zach our Realtor and his wonderful assistant and good friend of ours, Candace.

When Jared first decided to start the house hunt, he immediately thought of Candace. She was a leasing consultant at the apartment complex that Jared and I lived in before I moved to Columbia for school. She had taken a position as a broker assistant at Go and he knew it would be the best place to start. 

I am so happy he started there because we never turned back :)

Jared looked at a series of houses that he and I narrowed down through internet searches and would update me on them. When I was home for the holidays, Jared and I went out to look at six houses with Zach, but could not find what we were looking for. 

The house that we finally decided on was one what we had been looking at online for a few months. After Jared walked through the house, he skyped me and did a walk through the house with me. It had a fenced yard and all the space we were looking for. 

After a couple of counter offers, we got the house!
Here she is:
Isn't it beautiful?! 

Today was closing. Candace and Zach thought it would be nice to Skype me in for the signing, so I got to be a part of it. Although the papers were signed today, it will not be documented until tomorrow, which means the house was bought on February 29th... leap day! The perfect way to remember it!

Very intense process

Now that we have the keys in our hands....and no money left....I am so excited about our new home together!

House warming party anyone?

Did you find our house okay?

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