Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Improvement 101

Last week was spring break, which meant I got to go home to my new house :)

This was the first time I saw the house. Jared skyped me through the house when he was interested in buying it, but this was the first time I got to see everything in person.

It's perfect! I could not have asked for a better house, and I am looking forward to making it into a home.

With a house comes a lot of firsts. Here are some of the firsts that we came across:

#1 First time we have had to MUCH room
No lie, there is so much space, we literally do not own enough things to put in the house. There are empty cabinets in the kitchen, empty spare bedrooms, and even empty closets!

#2 First House Warming
Now that we have a house, we get to show it off, which we did when the Davidsons came over. Remember sweet Malachi? He along with his parents were our first official house guests. They gave us a wonderful house warming gift and spent the evening with us.

Full of dish towels and an apron!

I made a Pintrest inspired meal of Bloomin' Onion BreadParmesan Basil Stuffed Chicken, and Banana Pudding. I highly recommend all of them!


Erin and Mark were also able to come over this past Saturday. They also were so kind to give us housewarming I got my belated birthday present! jealous

Best part: Nachos and Margaritas!

#3 First Damage
Jared and I managed to have expensive home problems three days after we moved in....leave it to us. Our laundry room is upstairs above our living room. One of the hoses on the washer was leaking and water was dripping down into the drain pan under the washer. Not a big deal right? The pan takes the water the leaks and puts it into the drainage theory. In our case, the drain seal was dislodged when the washer was moved in there so instead of draining into the drain, the water drained NEXT to the drain causing water damage in our living room ceiling :(

Here's the damage :(

Needless to say we needed to get it fixed, so we found a repair guy that was able to fix it for us over the next few days.

In progress

 Hopefully that is our first and last major problem with the house. It was a nice welcome into home ownership!

#4 First Home Improvements
Good News: There is a Lowe's less that two miles from the new house
Bad News: There is a Lowe's less that two miles from the new house

I don't even want to begin to think about the amount of money we have spent there over the last week. We were there so often, I was afraid the sales personnel were going to recognize us!

There were a few changes that we wanted to make right away, such as getting motion sensor flood light put in.


Instructions: Don't mess up


Built in assistant:

Rory wanted to help


We also are switching out some light switches and getting our yard back up to standards.
I am certain this will not be the last time the people at Lowe's see us!

I loved being made coming back to Columbia that much harder, but I am also just looking forward to all the things to come with being a homeowner. I will be in the house for a the entire summer, which will allow me to start some decorating projects!

Bring it on!

What are they talking? Making plans in my house?

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