Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fix Up

Now that I have been here a few days, things are starting to get into some kind of order. Rory has been slowly adjusting, this has been a bigger change for her than I thought it would be, she usually adjusts quickly.

As some of you know and some of you don't, the apartment that I am currently living in is just temporary. When Jared and I originally came down to Columbia in June to find an apartment, I fell in love with this place. They failed to mention to me at the time however that my apartment was suuuuuuuuper close to the highway, and that I would hear the road noise in my apartment!

From my window, see the gigantic truck!

After many sleepless nights and wonderful calls from the boyfriend, I will be moving into a new apartment in the same complex away from the highway. Although I know I would probably get adjusted to the noise, I think that moving away from it and staying there for the next two years will give me some peace of mind.

Because I will be moving again in less than a month, I am doing minimal unpacking and my dining room will contain all of my unpacked boxes.

Dining Room Pile Up

Luckily in this whole unpacking process, Rory has been a big help...

This box should be here

Helping put cookware away

Tight Fit!

Under the bathroom sink

However, during the majority of the day this is how she was helping:

I will post more pictures of the place when I get everything in order and of course when there are actually pictures on the wall and curtains on the windows in the new apartment.

Tomorrow I plan on exploring the Columbia shopping scene, I need to get my sister a present for her birthday and some more business casual outfits for class.

Next week is going to be chaotic, two orientations, Class of 2013 dinner and classes starting. For now I am just going to try and enjoy the time I have to myself before everything gets into full swing.

peace. love. & ginger ducks

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