Thursday, August 11, 2011

I actually hate the color orange

Your Blog Name = ?

Having the name Ginger spawns the typical nicknames: ginger bread, ginger snap, ginger cookie, Ginger from Gillian's get the picture. My beautiful best friend since the age of six decided that the best nickname for me would be Ginger Duck. Naturally I think this sounds like a Chinese food dish.

::K and me circa 10th grade::
K: I think I am going to call you Ginger Duck
G: Ginger Duck? Like the stuff that comes in orange sauce?
K: Yes! Ginger Duck in Orange Sauce!

...and so began the nick name and hence the name of the blog, even though I really hate the color orange.

Purpose/Hope for this Blog:
I am a North Carolina girl making the big move to South Carolina (so maybe not that big of a move) to go to graduate school.  I will be studying genetic counseling, something I have been dreaming about for a long time and would like to chronicle my experiences, stresses, ups, downs and everything in between. I hope to bring encouragement as well as use this as a way to stay connected with the people that I love.

Here is to my new home, my new adventure and adjusting to my new life in the South (Carolina) ginger ducks

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  1. Yey for Ginger's new blog!!! I'm going to be your blog stalker :) Hope you are getting all settled!