Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blogmas Day 11: Finals Are Over!

The day I have been waiting for all December is finally here!
I took my last final this morning and now I am officially on Christmas vacation until January 7th!

Cassie and I packed all of our belongings while drinking a bottle of wine.....drunk packing (we are thinking of submitting it to the Olympic board for consideration).

....we may or may not have actually had two bottles of wine (oops!)

Yellowtail Moscato
Since I am not going to be in Columbia for my birthday, Cassie made me birthday cupcakes!

Chocolate Peppermint!
 ...and to make the day even better, Tonya got us tickets to see Taylor Swift in September :)

best email I have ever received!
So here is to my last night in Columbia this year! Cheers!

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