Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blogmas Day 15: Five Things You May Not Know

1. When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to be a professional jump roper. I was the best in my class and I really wanted to audition to be on the "Jump Rope for Heart" team but I was too afraid my mom would say no.

2. I have still not gotten over the way my senior high school musical was cast and I regret agreeing to be in it.

3. I have made a habit of finding a song lyric for whatever age I am on or around my birthday since I was nineteen.

4. My mom and sister were born on Sunday and my dad and I were born on Tuesday. Everyone one on my dad's side of the family is either born in October, December or February except my sister, and everyone on my mom's side of the family was born in June, July or August expect my mother.

5. I think I may have missed my calling and I should have been a music video director. The music videos I have in my head when I listen to the song is always better than the real one.

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